Windows 10

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Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use. It includes an improved Start menu and is designed to startup and resume fast. Plus, it’s packed with new innovations including Microsoft Edge – an all-new browser. Your personal files and apps you’ve installed will all be waiting for you. We’ve designed the upgrade to be easy and compatible with the hardware and software you already use.

Please select the Enterprise version when installing.

According to your system requirements, please select the appropriate ISO file to download and install
32-bit Traditional Chinese : SW_DVD5_Win_Pro_Ent_Edu_N_10_1709_32BIT_ChnTrad_MLF_X21-50132.ISO
64-bit Traditional Chinese : SW_DVD5_Win_Pro_Ent_Edu_N_10_1709_64BIT_ChnTrad_MLF_X21-50133.ISO
32-bit Engilsh : SW_DVD5_Win_Pro_Ent_Edu_N_10_1709_32BIT_English_MLF_X21-50142.ISO
64-bit Engilsh : SW_DVD5_Win_Pro_Ent_Edu_N_10_1709_64BIT_English_MLF_X21-50143.ISO

Activate Microsoft License Software

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