Authorized software external school connection

Matlab, Ansys, Solidwork, Creo, 

In the off-campus network environment, please open the software or execute the authentication file after connecting via SSL VPN. (The campus IP does not need to use VPN)


Authorized Software Update 2018/09/01

1.EndNote Install file update
EndNote Download Page

2.LabView 2018
LabView 2018 Download Page
Stop the LabView 2017 download

3.Stop the StarSuite 6.0 download


Authorized Software Update 2018/07/29

1.Add SAS online video link for May-June 2018
SAS course video link (Chinese)
SAS 9.4 Download Page

2.SolidWorks 2018
SolidWorks 2018 Download Page


Authorized Software Update 2018/05/16

1.Matlab 2018a
Matlab 2018a Download Page

2.WIN10 ISO Update
Version 1803 build (17134).
WIN10 Download Page


Authorized Software Update 2018/04/19

1.ANSYS 19.0
ANSYS 19.0 Download Page
Stop the Office for ANSYS 13 download。

2.SAS 9.4 Install file update
SAS 9.4 Download Page


The authentication server system update

The authentication server updates the system at 2/5 09:00 to 2/7 17:00,

Ansys, Matlab, SolidWorks, Creo will not connect to use。


SAS license file is updated

The license file can be authorized for use until 2018/12/31.

SAS 9.3 Download Page 

SAS 9.4 Download Page 


Authorized Software Update 2017/11/20

1.Matlab 2015b 32bit
Matlab 2015b Download Page
Release 2015b is the last release supporting Windows 32-bit operating systems
Stop the Matlab 2013a download


Authorized Software Update 2017/10/12

1.Matlab 2017b
Matlab 2017b Download Page

2.MS Visio 2010 Professional Install file update
Office 2010 Download Page

3.AVG Install file update
AVG Download Page


Authorized Software Update 2017/07/31