SAS 9.3

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The license file can be authorized for use until 2020/12/31.

SAS (Statistical Analysis System; not to be confused with SAP) is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics. It is the largest market-share holder for advanced analytics

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According to your system requirements, please select the appropriate ISO file to download and install
32-bit : SAS_TS1M2_32_1.iso
32-bit : SAS_TS1M2_32_2.iso
32-bit : SAS_TS1M2_32_3.iso 
32-bit : SAS_TS1M2_32_4.iso
64-bit : SAS_TS1M2_64_1.iso
64-bit : SAS_TS1M2_64_2.iso
64-bit : SAS_TS1M2_64_3.iso
64-bit : SAS_TS1M2_64_4.iso

32-bit : SAS93_9CB3R8_12002016_Win_Wrkstn.txt
64-bit : SAS93_9CB3R8_12002017_Win_X64_Wrkstn.txt